Uttarakhand worst Natural disaster


Heavy rains in Uttarakhand  is  worst natural disaster were emerging, the death toll placed at 150 , officially placed on the basis of body count, could frighteningly higher, estimates could be several thousands, some of the  small villages washed away, the process of recovery of bodies has not yet started in many places, many places are marooned, the raising fears is the fact that over 70,000 are still missing, thousands must have perished, 60  villages had been flattened by landslides and gushing waters, all the villages are under 6 feet of sludge


The rescue operation  are being entrusted to  Army and Air force personal, they are yet to reach many ravaged towns , Rail and roadways are damaged.


Apart from this in Delhi Yamuna river is raising above danger level, people are being shifted to safer places.



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